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Manufactured as a Software Development Kit, transCoder offers an open source environment for collaborative coding and making. Contents include: Compiler, Virtual Machine, API, Libraries, License, About. The Slash Goggles Algorithm, developed by Julie Russo, is the first program written with transCoder. Micha Cardenas of The Electronic Disturbance Theater has also used transCoder to create poetic sustenance on the Transborder Immigrant Tool.
transCoder Queer Programming Anti-Language Software Development Kit

Federico Mena-Quintero
It's Monday, your first school day after a short vacation from the Easter holiday. Before vacation, you had been working on writing several reports about your recent field research on the coiling habits of the boa constrictor. After blowing away a thin layer of dust from your computer (what's with the cleaning staff at this campus, anyway?), you turn it on and log in...
Finding and reminding is Usenet, updated in real time as it was thirty years ago, available from for the next ten years, unless I run out of inodes (again). To be on usenet before 1993, you had to be in some way special or lucky. This was before the September that never ended. You were aware of this Usenet or Internet thing that most of the world had not heard of, and went to some lengths to get on it. If we could gather together many of the people who were on the net at a past point in time, that would be interesting company to be in.
Zach Blas
Pirates of the Amazon
Joey Hess
By linking the BitTorrent search engine to in such a way to reveal the 'links' between paid and free content, a critical operation is opened between the two sites that, in its turn, opens a debate over the evolution of property in the 21st century. a real-time historical exhibit
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A digital reference room, a virtual sketchbook, a spatial page: here are some of the projects and works that we felt encouraged by while developing Verbindingen/Jonctions 13: Prototypes for Transmission. Each in their own way they challenge what to do and how to behave on-line. You are cordially invited to disagree, disrupt or contribute to the collection.

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She has come to distrust the ornament as a harmonising system and sees in it instead a metaphor for anti-individualistic tendencies.

The Color of My Name
Parastou Forouhar
The Distributed Exhibition Project
In order to take part in the project, please follow these steps:
1 - Choose a composition in the above serie. Each composition is a model changing according to your IP address.
2 - Save the generated picture on your device. (right click -> save as)
3 - Take a photograph of your device showing the picture. This device can be the screen of a personnal computer, a flat screen on the wall, a projection made with a videoprojector, a mobile smartphone, etc...
4 - Send both pictures as attached files to
Yann Leguennec
Workers Leaving the Googleplex
Andrew Norman Wilson
In September 2007 I was hired jointly by Transvideo Studios and Google, both headquartered in Mountain View California. Transvideo had a contract with Google and took care of 100% of their video production in Mountain View, and sometimes elsewhere. My labor was sold to Google in the form of a 9-5 job. I had access to a personally unprecedented amount of privileges, but was not entitled to the ski trips, DisneyLand adventures, stock options, and holiday cash bonuses from their team of temporary Santa Clauses.
Are you a "webmaster", admin, blog owner or someone with access to index.html files? Are you interested in taking part in the recent global wave of revolution from the comfort of your home computer? Occupy the Internet! Add the animated GIF army to websites you control (or can get control of) by pasting some javascript code into any HTML file.
Occupy the internet (embeddable protest)
The Bad Guys stole copyrighted books from Amazon by using sophisticated robot-perversion technology coded by supervillain Paolo Cirio. A subliminal media fight and a covert legal dispute escalated into an online showdown withthe heist of over 3000 books at the center of the story.
Amazon Noir
irio, Lizvlx, Ludovico, Bernhard
"I am using art to publicize the murder of my parents that was commissioned by the secret service of the islamic republic of Iran"

Since Parastou Forouhar makes installations with all official documents that surround (the investigatin of) the killing of her parrents in 1998. Documents include official testimonies, court summons of the Iranian court, news paper clippings. All can be photocopied and distributed by visitors of the show or her website.
Dokumente zur Aufklärung der politischen Morde an Parwaneh und Dariush Forouhar
Parastou Forouhar
Love, Piracy, and the Office of Religious Weblog Expansion is about censorship politics. It takes as its subject the transcript of an interview conducted by Patel with Iranian philosopher Ali Alizadeh. This 1,500 word text - itself about the history of censorship in Iran - has been reproduced 1,500 times. In real-world installations, people join together, taking turns to censor the text: blocking it out word-by-word. However the rules set for the censor are such that a different word is left visible in each copy. As a result, no single version of the text offers more than a trace of its content but collectively, they present it in its entirety.
Love, Piracy, and the Office of Religious Weblog Expansion
Ambient TV (Manu Luksch and Mukul Patel)
The Letter

Experimental design hacks to reflect and circumvent intellectual property restrictions. Fahrenheit 451, a novel by Ray Bradbury, is presented via a web interface and also in print form (print on demand). Several filters offered to users are in place in order to reflect intellectual property restrictions or allowed practices, such as Fair Use. These filters offer a means to circumvent these restrictions by transforming the content. The reader can choose the filter through which s/he wants to "view" the text, each filter being more or less legal.
Stéphanie Vilayphiou

A free software project that uses a scanner and a laptop to bypass Amazon's DRM by scanning Kindle pages one by one, cleaning up the images, and converting the file into plain text. The resulting plain text version of the book can then be modified, adapted, and shared freely. The text can't expire or be deleted by a private company. It can't be controlled by obscure terms of service that chip away your rights or try to lock you into a manufacturer's empire.
ӎ & ℝ & ⁋
Generates a human-only-readable text message through a captcha algorithm.
The Skandle
Inge Hoonte is a writer, performance, video and sound artist with an interest in how notions of privacy, identity, and behavioral routines shape the tension between reaching out and keeping one’s distance in interpersonal communication and physicality.
Inge Hoonte
Sealed With A Kiss
The Deathwatch is meant to be a central indicator of websites and networks that are shutting down, or to serve as an indicator of what happened to particular sites that shut down quickly. New sites should be added in chronological order, newest death date first. Forward-looking death dates should be added to the first list only. Sites large enough to warrant additional information will receive a dedicated page, linked from here.
The Archive Team
Compressionism is a digital performance and analog archive, where I strap a desktop scanner, laptop and custom-made battery pack to my body, and perform images into existence. I might scan in straight, long lines across tables, tie the scanner around my neck and swing over flowers, do pogo-like gestures over bricks, or just follow the wind over water lilies in a pond.
Blind Carbon Copy

Nathaniel Stern
One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age
Dragan Espenschied, Olia Lialiana
The free web hosting service was founded by Beverly Hills Internet in July 1995, exactly the time when the web left academia and started to be made by everyone of us. On the 1st of November 2010 Olia and Dragan bought a 2 TB disk and started downloading the biggest torrent of all times.
text2image is an online tool that does exactly as the name describes, but in a different way than one might expect. Rather than creating a typographic based image of the live text submitted, this tool renders an abstract image that is the digital translation of the input text. The results remain consistent for any given entry, however will change greatly through alternate keying.

Ted Davis

With recent mistakes by companies and organizations not knowing how to properly censor online documents, its easy to see why people believe the text they can’t see can’t be read. And with computer illiterate people like Rush Limbaugh, it is easy to befuddle them with the apperance of censored text on the web pages they commonly visit.
A playful experiment in “censoring” a web page by hiding text and images behind blocks.
Greg Leuch
The Transmission of IP Datagrams over the Semaphore Flag Signaling System (SFSS)
J. Hofmueller, A. Bachmann, IO. zmoelnig
In order for communication to work, previously designed standards have to be adhered to. Every language is such a standard. The entire world of the Internet is based on numerous standards and protocols. Every protocol is a set of agreements, accomplishing a specific assignment on the net.
By interconnecting an extensive range of positions on statelessness in an unanticipated way, the stateless plug-in generates an unpredicted non-linear and dynamic storyline with space for unanticipated thoughts and connections. This project offers a critical comment towards the lack of attention on the issue by beseeching the users attention through the infiltration of their usual browsing behaviour.
The Stateless Plugin
Florian Conradi, Michelle Christensen
Cheek-to-cheek: The Kissing protocol
Wendy Van Wynsberghe
An interactive piece that reflects some of the physical and psychic disorders that result from intensive use of a computer. The text was written under the effects of the Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), which also functions as a metaphor for what happens to a writer (or 'cyborgauthor') who cannot create without, and has no identity apart from, the machine.
Separation / Séparation
Annie Abrahams
Lower Manhattan’s 60 Hudson Street is one of the world’s most concentrated hubs of Internet connectivity. Set in the dense, mixed-use neighborhood of Tribeca, this Art Deco tower was once the global headquarters of Western Union. Now, it conceals several network interconnection facilities where huge amounts of data are exchanged. This short documentary peeks inside, offering a glimpse of the massive material infrastructure that makes the Internet possible.
Esther Hunziker
Bundled, Buried & Behind Closed Doors
Dump is a work about abstract language. Communication which pretends to say something, but does not. The substance seams meaningless and incomprehensible. The work interconnects abstract spam-mail texts with schizophasia, a disorganized speech characteristic of schizophrenia. In the psychotic disorder of schizophrenia, the ability to filter and process information is disturbed.
From the Franklin Stove, and the Stetson Hat, through the Evinrude outboard to the walkie-talkie, the spray can, and the cordless shaver, the most typical American way of improving the human situation has been by means of crafty and usually compact little packages, either papered with patent numbers, or bearing their inventor's name to a grateful posterity.
A preliminary atlas of gizmo landscapes
Rob Holmes
A Manifesto for the Open Web written in code. The most significant challenge the open web will need to overcome is not technical, it is political.
Welcome to Thimbl, the free, open source, distributed micro-blogging platform. If you're weary of corporations hi-jacking your updates to make money, or if being locked in to one micro-blogging platform tires you — well, then Thimbl is for you!
Dmytri Kleiner
A hidden transmission device is continually searching for visible and open devices: mobile phones, laptops, etc within a local area. On discovering a device a simple message is sent, which reads: 'I am still alive'.
I am Still Alive is active at various times and in various locations.
I am still allive
Martin John Callanan
IPicons are unique visual avatars for every internet protocol address on the planet. The goal of the project is to give people a visual representation of their net presence that can be easily identifiable by themselves and others. Their appearance is a direct abstraction from the numeric values in their IP address.
Aaron Siegel
Ben Mendelsohn
In late 2010 the infamous "Rubygate" case made it into the headlines revealing that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi threw parties, or rather orgies at his private villas known as "bunga bunga". Berlusconi is currently being investigated for extortion and child prostitution.
Repetita iuvant focuses on the transcript of a secretly recorded telephone conversation of a young woman who was invited to such a supposed "dinner with the Prime Minister". The telephone conversation which Laura Macchini re-staged with the help of two actors, talks about what the woman thought of the party, and how conflicted she felt. The visitors can listen to the recording of the telephone conversation (in Italian), read the English subtitles, select passages of the script they feel drawn to - or offended by - in particular. In this way the painful testimony of a single person becomes the testimony of many, thus turning into a commentary on and an accusal of the contemporary Italian political landscape.
Repetita iuvant
Laura Macchini